Why Little Chinchillas are the best pets

Chinchilla Puppy

OMG   look at that cute little baby.  What is it you ask?

This is a wonderful little rodent called a Chinchilla or what I like to call them,  Sweet Chillies.

What makes a Sweet Chillie a Great Family Pet?

1.  Chinchillas do Not shed their fur like a dog, cat, guinea pig, rabbit or have feathers as do birds.  Also they are much more interactive than fish. As far as Reptiles and snakes, well some of us just can’t go there.  Sorry reptile lovers. No offense.

2.  Chillies actually have a very long life span of around 15 years but they can live as long as 20 to 22 years.  That is great, as they live as long as a cat or a small dog.  Other small rodents such as hamsters, rats and Guinea pigs as well as birds and fish have a much shorter life span than Chinchillas and most parents don’t like to have to bury a child’s pet every few years.

3. Chillies need minimum care.  They are easy keepers.  You would need to clean the cage only about once a week.  They are not litter trainable like a cat ,but their poo and urine have almost no odor at all!  That is awesome!!

4. They do need daily feeding and as always clean water. Which a child with supervision could do. What a great way for teaching kids responsibility.

5.They do have one very interesting need of having to take a “Dust Bath”.  Chillies have too much Lanolin oil in their fur and must remove some.  To do this they just love to roll around in the little sand box you will provide for them.  How fun for kids to watch!

6.  Lets talk about allergies!  These adorable animals are great for families that have allergies to dog and cat dander.  These mini sized love bugs do not have dander. Nor as I said before do they shed like a dog, cat, guinea pig or rabbit. At about 8 months of age they do loose their “puppy coat” and get their adult coat but after that they do not shed.


Look at this cute pair!!

7. You do not have to have a “Pair” male and female for them to  be happy creatures.  The best pairing is of 2 brothers from the same litter.  They can live happy lives without having babies!!

8.  Look at those adorable big ears and that cute fluffy tail.  Unlike a rat who’s tail is well a “rat” tail, a Chillies tail is furry and fluffy like a feather.  It’s beautiful big ears are used for a cooling system for as a Chillie cannot pant, sweat or loose its coat, it cools its blood by circulating the blood thru the ears.

9. Look at these animals… see how cute they are. They are also very photogenic.

10. They are a bigger size than a hamster or a rat, a more sturdy and less inclined for injury.

Girl and chinchilla isolated on white

This is a great sized pet for kids!!