Learn About Sweet Chillies!!

newborn puppy of a chinchillaCute Chillie Puppy or Kit

#1.  Chinchillas live in a nice cage.  They will be mostly in their home except for when you let them out.  As Chillies will get to be about 10 to 14 inches long not counting the tail they need a fairly big home.  You can have lots of fun with it and build different levels, platforms, ramps and hiddy holes such as what they would have in their natural habitat, in the arid rocky mountains of South America.

#2.  Chillies are nocturnal so they are more active at night.  All day long they are sleeping so they are actually happy that the rest of the family is away at work and school and they are left undisturbed. They do get really active at dawn and dusk so that is the best time to interact with them, which is normally when the family is around anyway.

#3.  When Chinchillas are handled from the very start at a young age they do very well around people and they do bond very closely with people too.  Supervision is always advised when any small child handles an animal but older children will find them fun to hold and interact with.  Some Chillie owners find they can teach them simple tricks with food treats.

chinchilla sitting in the hands of the girlPerfect size Pet

#4. Chinchilla are very active and playful!! Each one has it’s own unique personality and temperament.  Some are shy, some are more outgoing. Some Chillies are more playful and some are not.   The female is dominate so it is actually better to have 2 males together as buddies. Chillies do have to be carefully introduced to new Chinchilla friends and be kept separate at first as they need to get to know each other before being put in the same cage.

#5.   As they don’t shed their fur or get a summer coat they do need to be kept in a cooler area of the home no warmer than 77 F. They can overheat very quickly so that must be kept in mind when planning their living arrangements. Homes in climate where it can be hot and humid need to have air conditioning to keep them cool enough.

#6. You can get a Chillie in a variety of colors, from grey to brown to white and everything in between.  They are just beautiful and have very soft luxurious fur.  These adorable animals where once used to make coats and such but we hope that doesn’t go on any more.

#7.  If you go on vacation or are out of town you will need to have someone come and care for your special Chinchilla.  Your soft fluffy friend will have to be feed morning and night, make sure they have water and if you are gone longer than one week you will have to have the cage cleaned.

#8. Sweet Chillies teeth grow like Crazy!! Their teeth grow all of their life and can grow up to 12 inches in one year.  So to keep things under control they need to have special things to gnaw on. Check with the pet store and make sure they have what they need.

#9. Sweet Chillies are very acrobatic.  In their natural habitat in the high Andes mountains they love to climb, hop, jump and have fun with their friends as they live in “herds” of around 100 animals.