Sweet Chillies the Pros & Cons

Sweet Chillie Pros

  • Super Cute: Chinchillas as the most adorable pets. So fun to watch and they have such unique and interesting behaviors.
  • Super Soft: Sweet Chillies fur is the densest and the softest fur of any animal.
  • Super Personalities:  They each have their own personality but they tend to be very lively, inquisitive and very busy. Most will interact with their owners.
  • Super long life span:  Unlike other small rodents they live a very long time. They can usually live for 15 to 20 years in captivity.
  • Kept in cages:  They are perfectly happy being in their cage home. You don’t have to walk or exercise them. This is great for people who are not home a lot or live in a small apartment.

Sweet Chillie Cons

  • Higher cost:  Chinchillas are a bit higher in cost to purchase. You can find some around $80 and the colored ones that are show quality are more.  You can pay up to $300. But then again they have a long life so you aren’t replacing then every 2 to 8 years like you would be with smaller rodents.